Art.: A1151

Algojet Mask for Sensitive Skin SENSITIVE ALGOJET


UAH 842

Vol.: 150

Skin type: Dry sensitive skin, Normal and combination skin, Oily skin, Problem,

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  • Description

    Algojet Mask for Sensitive Skin SENSITIVE ALGOJET

  • Advantages
  • Ingredients
    Alginate is an algae extract. It has a pronounced lifting effect (skin tightening), moisturizes, nourishes, reduces wrinkles, removes puffiness and refreshes the skin; it has a draining effect.  Blueberry extract tones the skin and strengthens the blood vessels, treats acne and skin diseases, as well as stimulates the blood circulation. Vitamin C is involved in collagen synthesis; it is one of the most widespread components in cosmetics for the skin elasticity improving and wrinkle treating. Chamomile essential oil has a positive effect on a dry, aging and sensitive skin, reduces rosacea, constricts the vessels and improves complexion. Diatomite cleans clogged pores and absorbs excess sebum.  
  • How to use
     • Prepare the mask right before its application. • Mix 25 g of the dry powder with 75 ml of pure still water (room temperature 20°C) in a rubber bowl with an applicator until smooth (the consistency of thick cream). • Apply the mask with a thick layer of 3-5 mm on the face, including lip and eye areas; in 5 minutes, the mask forms a dense elastic film. • It is recommended to take the mask off in 25-30 minutes from the bottom up with a single layer, after disconnecting it lightly from the skin along the ends.  
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