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We use active ingredients and approach of world leaders in the cosmetic industry.

We create means that solve cosmetic problems, and do not mask them.

Continually improve the formula and expand the range.

We control all stages of production and conduct dermatological tests that confirm the effectiveness and safety of the drugs.

We manufacture products in accordance with international quality standards GMP

We develop drugs taking into account the climate and specific features of the skin of the inhabitants of our geographical area


Piel Cosmetics

A brand for professional and home skin care based on low-, high-molecular hyaluronic acid and colloidal nanosilver. For over 8 years we have been cooperating with cosmetologists all over Ukraine and abroad


Art: SP002

Piel Cosmetics Complex for Hair and Eyelashes&Eyebrows: Recovery and growth
Комплекс предназначен для восстановления и улучшения состояния волос и ресниц.  Сыворотка для восстановления и роста ресниц и бровей Elixir-serum LASH предназначена для укрепления и активного роста ресниц и бров
UAH 1 841 UAH 2 454
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Art: 049

Lash Elixir Serum elixir for the restoration and growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Serum is equally effective for both eyebrows and eyelashes, and during eyelash extension as well. Unlike many other products that provide intensive hair growth, it does not contain hormonal ingredients.

UAH 999 UAH 1 599
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Art: 0501

Spectrum Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen Body Spray
Want to protect your skin from the sun at all levels while avoiding the sticky feeling? The SPF spray moisturizes, soothes and provides additional protection against UV radiation and photoaging. Great after sunburn, shaving, depilation. In addition to the main function, it evens out the tone.
UAH 537 UAH 1 074
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Art: SPM05

Comlex: Detox
Everyone is familiar with the term “stressed” or “tired” skin. Our pace of life affects the skin health. Especially this is the case of women who live in big cities. Polluted air, ultraviolet, free radicals and poor water quality negatively affect the skin. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet, steady stress, bad habits, environment – all of these factors negatively affe
UAH 1 755 UAH 1 950
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Art: YD001

Skin Care Set: Protection and Moisturizing for Combination Skin
The products of this set effectively moisturize the combination skin.   

UAH 1 825 UAH 2 147
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Art: 0502

Spectrum Cream SPF 50 Sunscreen cream for face
The cream not only protects the skin from the entire spectrum of UV radiation, but also provides complete skin care: nutrition, hydration and regeneration.
UAH 696 UAH 928
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Art: pg_pel_10

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum "Perfume wardrobe 10 fragrances"
Create your own special perfume wardrobe.
To make it easier for you to put together your special and unique wardrobe, every day will take you on a new unique journey, Le Perelin brand has prepared a great offer:

BOLIVIAN HIDE is an accessory that will accompany your every step with the aroma of patchouli and incense, and like the wind it will pleasantly envelop your shoulders with vanilla tenderness and light notes of violet.

EMINONU is a hot fragrance that breathes incense with a saffron trail and envelops your body in the sweetness of lilac. It combined intricate, complex, somewhat heavy aromas, forever woven into the sea salt of the Istanbul air.

MAÑANA is a bright and juicy fragrance of a cool tropical morning, the first sip of coconut milk and fresh fruit. The bittersweet smell of geranium, which, combined with musky notes, makes you forget about everything in the world.

LANGKAWI MOUSSON is the scent of forests and fresh fruits, round the clock rain and leather. The tart taste of peace is combined with rosemary and the aroma of the island.

PORTO ROSE is a mysterious, magical, passionate fragrance with a hint of citrus. An Atlantic breeze, with a tart touch of leather and incense, complemented by the sweet aroma of rose and viscous honey.

FLORITIDA is a fragrance of pleasant memories with a sweet aftertaste of Foam Deck, fine sandalwood and vanilla. Delicate embrace of orange blossoms and the charming taste of a delicate creamy dessert.

ADAMANT MIST is the fragrance of the carefree Adaman coast, which has forever absorbed vanilla weightlessness. Peony, in a duet with sweet almonds, evokes the same memories that you will not confuse with anything else. And only the astringency of cedar and the richness of graceful roses reminds you of where you are.

TUBEROSE ILLUSION is a fragrance that combines youth and passion. Sweet mandarin and subtle notes of bergamot.

NIGHT IN EXCELSIOR is the aroma of a holiday, light sparkling wine and fruits. A deep woody amber base and classic chypre fragrances that have forever become a symbol of elegance.

DIO MIO is an Italian flavor filled with sunshine and a pleasantly sweet scent of orange blossom. Combination of freshness of lemon, tenderness of orange flowers and tartness of musk.

UAH 999 UAH 2 320
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Art: 007

Silver Aqua Spray Moisturizing Spray for face Spray. For Normal and Combination skin
Moisturizing Facе Spray. Freshens, protects, soothes, provides comfort and mattifying effect. Do not washes off makeup
UAH 319 UAH 425
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Art: 008

Silver Aqua Spray Moisturizing Spray for face Spray. For Normal and Combination skin
Moisturizing Facе Spray. Freshens, protects, soothes, provides comfort and mattifying effect. Do not washes off makeup
UAH 176 UAH 235
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Art: MN009

Complex "Intensive recovery for dull skin"
It is always important for a successful man to look fresh, well-groomed and rested. And maybe he is not yet ready to fight wrinkles or prevent their appearance, but we are sure that no one will refuse to give his skin freshness. Also, in the life of a modern man, there are situations when you urgently need to get yourself “in shape” and look perfect.

Complex "Intensive recovery for dull skin" will be useful for those men who always want to look healthy and rested! It will provide a double effect - daily restoration and maintenance of a healthy skin tone with the help of serum and saving your face from traces of overwork, lack of sleep, stress, just when a quick solution is needed! And such situations in life occur often!

UAH 1 548 UAH 1 935
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Art: MN008

The complex "Care and protection for dull skin
The complex "Care and protection for dull skin" for men effectively eliminates traces of stress and improves the complexion, and also helps to preserve the natural youth and elasticity of the skin. At a young age, we lead a fairly active lifestyle, without thinking about the consequences. Constant lack of sleep, stress, malnutrition are reflected in the color of our skin. But, while the skin is still young, it is worth starting to protect it with the help of cosmetic care. Proper and timely care will restore the skin to a healthy color and prolong its youth. Especially for this, this complex was developed.
UAH 1 548 UAH 1 935
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Art: MN007

Complex "Anti-aging care for dull skin"
При регулярном и правильном уходе за кожей, мужчина в 50 лет может выглядеть намного моложе! А одна из наиболее распространенных проблем мужской кожи, спровоцированная сложным образом жизни современного мужчины, это – тусклость. Комплекс, состоящий из активной сыворотки Lucent и крема АNTIAGE – предназначен для восстановления здорового цвета лица в комбинации с эффективным антивозрастным уходом. Активные компоненты в составах средств защитят мужскую кожу от внешних негативных факторов, обеспечат правильное увлажнение, питание и надежную защиту вернув ей здоровый, отдохнувший цвет и вид.
UAH 1 744 UAH 2 180
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Art: MN001

Antiage comlex for men
Men’s skin is different from women’s – it is thicker and harder and has more intense sebum formation. These factors make the men’s skin more resistant to mechanical damage and slow down the process of aging. However, when the sings of aging do occur, they develop rapidly – the wrinkles are deeper and more visible. In this case a man looks much older. To treat age-related changes of this
UAH 1 708 UAH 2 135
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Art: MN004

Complex: Cleansing and freshness for men's facial and body skin. Basic complex 2.
Simple and effective care for a real man. No odors, no time wasting, no discomfort. Nothing extra, just what really works! Men only believe what they have seen for themselves. They are real, like our complex "Cleansing and freshness for men's skin of the face and body." Give care to your man, choose the best for him and he will return you hundreds of times more. After all, only that man is successful, behind whom is a caring and loving woman.
UAH 629 UAH 740
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Art: MN003

Complex: Toning and cleansing for men's skin. Basic complex.
Simple and effective male skin care. No odors, no time wasting, no discomfort. Nothing extra, just what really works! Men only believe what they have seen for themselves. They really like our complex "Toning and cleansing for male skin."
UAH 713 UAH 839
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Art: MN002

Intensive care complex for men
Men's facial skin care kit, it is firmer, denser and oilier. These factors provide men's skin with greater resistance to damage and slow down the aging process. But when the signs of aging still appear, it happens rapidly. The changes are much more noticeable - wrinkles are deeper, look sharper. Thus, a man quickly begins to look much older.
UAH 1 512 UAH 1 890
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Art: 6903

Lucent Serum Men's serum for restoring freshness of the skin

Designed for basic care, this serum also helps to solve the problems specific for the male skin.

UAH 644 UAH 990
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Art: 009

Silver Aqua Spray Moisturizing spray for dry and sensitive skin.

The spray surpasses thermal waters especially in dry air conditions, providing a much deeper hydration and anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and nanosilver.

UAH 326 UAH 435
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