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Piel Cosmetics is a professional skincare brand, which products based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and silver citrate.

The brand was created in 2010 and managed to gain trust among thousands of cosmetologists from all over Ukraine and consumers from many countries of the world.

Most of the active ingredients used in Piel Cosmetics products contain modern advances that have proved their effectiveness and safety. These active ingredients are the result of the development of the leading laboratories of the industry manufacturers, which have proven themselves all over the world.

Does not contain:

Preservatives, parabens, dyes, SLS, SLES, formaldehydes, more than 95% of the range does not even contain fragrances, hormones, we are not testing our products on animals.
Being a successful beautician is easy with Piel Cosmetics!

Piel Cosmetics products are intended for both experienced cosmetologists, dermatologists, aesthetists and beginners who are looking for modern professional solutions for an easy and successful career start.

Career Start - Easy with Piel Cosmetics!

In our assortment you can find everything you need to work efficiently on a daily basis:

Cleansing, washing, toning, exfoliation
Hydrating gel
Unique booster conductor
Alginate masks
Peelings and neutralizer
Tools for hardware techniques
Means for RF procedures containing additional active ingredients
• Unique Gel thermage

All products are tested and certified.

Range and efficiency concept:

The optimal ratio of the cost of the procedure, quality and efficiency.
NOT overloaded, balanced, efficient assortment that provides additional comfort at work
• Every product contains in its composition a large amount of active substances with a high concentration
• The protocols developed by us are constantly updated and adapted to the needs of cosmetologists

This approach allows you to easily and effectively solve customer problems, cosmetologist faces every day.

More than 10 years of work in the industry have allowed us to create unique protocols of procedures and massage techniques, which have been repeatedly tested internally and have proven their effectiveness in practice.

The results from procedures, courses of procedures, and recorded practical cases are the actual evidence base of effectiveness for your guarantees and confidence in the effectiveness of cosmetics.

Protocols effectively solve the following customer problems:

dry and dehydrated skin
reactive/sensitive skin
age-related changes, mimic wrinkles, lifting, etc.
procedures for oily, combination, problem skin
acne, post-acne
specific care for the area around the eyes
express procedures for instant results and recovery.

The manufacturing factory has an international GMP quality certificate, which must be constantly confirmed even by European pharmaceutical brands.

Additionally, for your convenience, we offer you:

• assortment of disposable products
• customer cards
• individual advertising materials: posters, business cards, etc.

The Piel Cosmetics brand is a reliable, effective brand for daily work, available to a wide range of clients.

A modern brand is a brand that provides clients with an arsenal for developing their own business, unique opportunities to achieve significantly new results - faster and easier than others.

Even if you have extensive professional experience, we can amaze you with additional features.
We treat partners-cosmetologists as part of our team, transferring all experience and knowledge for maximum overall success.

Profit, convenience, simplicity, efficiency, development and growth tools - these are what we are ready to offer you.

We want all women and men to take care of their skin with professional products, and the culture of regular visits to the beautician to become popular with more people.

Reasonable price is our advantage, which we have achieved with a special business model.
This allows not only to receive an additional bonus for cosmetologists, but also to develop the professional cosmetology industry, attracting more new consumers to it.

At the present stage, such an approach is a necessity. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding by focusing on active ingredients in a composition, ease of ordering and delivery.

In the modern world, a product is no more than 30% of a brand's offer.
The remaining 70% is the capabilities and service that the brand provides you!

The best financial conditions and profitable starting offers.
15 minutes to learn how to schedule care
24/7 passive income and profit
х2 increase in customers and increase in their loyalty
the ability to place orders on the website 24/7 with specialist’s benefits.

Our cooperation will make it possible to change your profession and daily routine for the better. You will get more pleasure from your work, get energized by a modern approach and get positive impressions of new results and customer appreciation every day.

We offer you what others can’t offer:
Personal advertising materials, marketing support, free content for social networks, business cards, personal posters.
• Promotion, collaborations, joint projects. Advertising technologies.
Assistance in communication with clients and additional advice in difficult cases.
Convenient forms of delivery of orders to customers on your behalf.
Training in customer service, sales, communications, SMM. Be ahead, develop, get more clients.
• Open access to practical cases as an evidence base, access to author's articles and other materials.
Videos for training. Life hacks in the use of products.

We are your partner!

ID-code from Piel Cosmetics: benefit for the client, profit for the beautician!

And the most important thing – You have probably faced such a painful situations:

• When you recommend a product, the client says “thanks, I'll think about it” and doesn't return.
• Customers do not buy care products from you, they order on the Internet, because they believe that it is cheaper there. Or there are brands that are actually cheaper to buy online.
• Customers want here and now, but you don't have a product that you would like to offer for a moment. The client has no desire to go to you again to pick up the product. As well as the time for it. It's easier for him to order online.
You cannot sell when, for example, you have a day off or when you are on vacation.
During a lockdown, the movement of clients is limited. The only way to make money is to sell home care, but this is very difficult to do remotely.

We offer you a unique ID system:

Our site is your home care marketplace.

This will provide you with the opportunity to earn money 24/7, you will not lose clients under any circumstances.

With our unique service, you will get rid of such problems forever, and your client will receive maximum convenience, favorable conditions and will never get lost on the Internet.

Why is this guaranteed to work? Put yourself in the shoes of your client and start changing now:

• Imagine that you need to come to the store, consult, pay for the order, and then return for it in a few days to get your purchase. There’s a big chance that you will give up and find a more convenient way to make a purchase. Your customers think the same way. Accessibility and comfort are valued more by any consumer.
• There are clients who want to ask for help, but do not want to go anywhere and have procedures. With our system, you will examine your client online. In addition, if he wants to go through the procedure, you will be the first person to contact the client.


Passive income 24/7
• Saving time and effort, comfortable base management
• Ability to see customer orders in your personal account and adjust their leaving
Word of mouth - expanding the customer base
• Customer retention and high loyalty due to convenience and best prices
• Profit even when customers order products on their own without needing your recommendation
• We advertise on the Internet, create Email directories and SMS-mailings, inform about hot offers to increase your profits.
Ability to control the execution of the order by the client.


The most favorable price
Free delivery to the door or to the Nova Poshta office*
Comfort without unnecessary actions and difficulties

It is even easier than ordering from an online store, since the client has the opportunity to receive the generated order directly from his beautician. All that remains is to press the "buy" button and receive an order!

*From the amount of the order indicated on the website.

We take care of the entire organization. You are left with a grateful, satisfied customer who received the product quickly and in any suitable form.

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