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Professional cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid and silver citrate
Features that no one offers
Earn 24/7 online
Get more customers and sales
Easily monetize your instagram, facebook, tiktok
Work anytime, anywhere in the world
We invite you to cooperate:
Distributors prof. cosmetics
Retail and chain stores
Showrooms and online stores
Insta - shops
Beginning cosmetologists
Dropship partners
Favorable and convenient terms of cooperation. Easy start
Help with consulting your clients seven days a week
Delivery to the client on your behalf
Constant support on any issues
Protocols and cost are already ready - without unnecessary complications and deception
Profit 24/7/365, even for offline stores: our website is your marketplace
Alexander Prokhorov
Entrepreneur. Retail chain owner
I am very pleased with the cooperation with Piel. All processes are carried out quickly, and when questions arise, they are always in touch. The range is interesting and convenient, thank you
Natalya Kutova
Selling through online platforms. Insta. Dropship
I want to continue working with your brand. Everything is done clearly and quickly, and the terms of cooperation are beneficial to everyone
Get a consultation
Get a consultation
efficacy and safety
Production is certified according to
international standards
Active ingredients from world leaders with proven effectiveness
Double the concentration of active ingredients compared to conventional products
Without preservatives - parabens, formaldehydes, dyes. Almost fragrance free
Modern vacuum packaging -
a guarantee ofsafe use
Availability of practical cases confirming the effectiveness of procedures
Smirnov Andrey
Entrepreneur. Wholesale and retail sales. Online. Offline
I was pleased that only 4 days passed from acquaintance to the beginning of cooperation. Everything is simple and fast
Fair prices are available to a wide range of customers
A wide range for every type of client
Price in UAH without direct reference to the exchange rate
The entire range is always in stock
No weekly fluctuations and unnecessary price updates
Get a consultation
Get a consultation
Now the Internet
Online platform for your earnings
Significant increase in sales and customer retention
Make a profit even when the client is not able to visit you
Customers will no longer go to other online stores
Profit 24/7 - even when you are on vacation, on sick leave, when you left for another country
No need to invest heavily in the purchase of products for sale in the office
We will arrange and deliver the order for you, and this is a significant saving of your time
Valentina Makarenko
Distributor of professional cosmetic brands
They are interested in selling to customers. I see. Help always. At all
Get a consultation
Get a consultation
Leave a partnership request or call us
Wait for a call from the manager and provide information about the format of your business
Get the terms of cooperation and choose the ones that suit you
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Start cooperation and earn
Additionally, get access to the online platform and earn from sales even on our website
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