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Beauty cabinet Piel is a continuation of the Piel Cosmetics professional cosmetics brand. Here you will find the most effective and affordable skin care: from cleansing to hardware anti-age treatments and peels.

You will 100% get to a specialist. We employ only those cosmetologists whom we can entrust both the health of our own skin and the brand's reputation. All Piel cosmetologists have medical education and many years of experience. Every month they improve their skills in professional trainings.

Admission will begin with a free consultation. You will not be able to choose the procedure intuitively. Our cosmetologist will diagnose the condition of your skin and select the procedure that will be most useful and timely for you.

We do only what is necessary. Even if you demand from our specialist to carry out a procedure that is not really needed, we will refuse you.

We want you to get the maximum result. And 50% of success lies in the correct home care. Therefore, our beautician will thoroughly recommend you on the daily use of cosmetics and check compliance with the instructions.


Procedures possible in our skin care shop:

Possible procedures in our cosmetology office:

Rejuvenation and correction of facial wrinkles with the effect of muscle relaxation (75 minutes) - UAH 1,222.

Intensive whitening (50 minutes) - UAH 965.

Lifting and correction of the face oval (50 minutes) - UAH 937.

Intensive soothing procedure for sensitive skin (50 minutes) - UAH 900.

Correction of post-acne complications (50 minutes) - UAH 937.

Correction and prevention of couperosis (45 minutes) - UAH 763.

Ideal cleaning using ultrasound (65 minutes) - UAH 922.

Perfect cleaning 1 tbsp. (95 minutes) - UAH 1,201.

Perfect cleaning 2 tbsp. (130 minutes) - UAH 1,590.

Perfect cleaning 3 tbsp. (160 minutes) - UAH 1,868.

Detoxification for oily and problematic skin (45 minutes) - UAH 779.

Intensive moisturizing for dry and dehydrated skin (45 minutes) - UAH 733.

Universal moisturizing for all skin types (40 minutes) - UAH 642.

Intensive peeling program (60 minutes) - UAH 1,133.

Jessnerpeel peeling (55 minutes) - UAH 1,008.

Lacticpeel peeling (50 minutes) - UAH 857.

TCA & Glicopeel peeling (50 minutes) - UAH 857.

TCA & AHApeel peeling (50 minutes) - UAH 877.

Microcurrent lifting (40 minutes) - UAH 784.

RF-lifting (30 minutes) - UAH 764.

Face-Lifting facial massage (75 minutes) - UAH 1056


Alginate mask (35 minutes) - UAH 216.

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