About us

Briefly about the brand:


Piel Cosmetics is a professional cosmetic brand based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and silver citrate for daily home care and cosmetic procedures.


Company mission:


1. Make professional home care easy, accessible, and understandable to everyone.

2. Educate awareness and culture of caring for your own skin. Explain the role of a beautician to achieve the desired result.

3. Develop the profession of a beautician, make it as profitable, demanded, and prestigious as possible. Change the beauty industry, bringing new opportunities to it.


Safety and production.


The formulations contain no harmful or prohibited components, such as: SLS, SLES, parabens, dyes, and formaldehydes. Products are not tested on animals. An important factor in the quality of our cosmetics is the international GMP certificate, which the manufacturer must regularly confirm. Therefore, by using medicines or products of GMP-certified companies, the consumer can be at ease for their health.


Effective ingredients especially for you.


Our products are ideal for the Central European type of skin, as it is developed in Ukraine. At the same time, in terms of composition and active ingredients, the brand's recipes have gained international recognition. All ingredients have scientifically proven effectiveness. Among the main ones: hyaluronic acid, collagen, silver citrate, milk peptide complex, Artemia Salina, and many others.


Confidence in the result due to our knowledge and experience.


The main task and value of our brand – correctly selected products that work in your particular case. When selecting home care, we consider the specifics of your skin, its needs and type. Thorough knowledge and experience are required to perform this function well.


Therefore, the brand's specialists are cosmetologists with many years of experience and medical education. They cooperate with our brand exclusively and have in-depth knowledge of the product, its compositions, and active ingredients. This saves you from the well-known scenario when cosmetics selected without professional advice are a poor match or do not give the expected result. Due to this, it is easy and effective to interact with us.


The brand's products successfully handle most cosmetic problems. However, we strive to ensure that our clients seek cosmetological attention only preventively and to select suitable home care. This is how you can avoid skin problems and premature aging.

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