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Art: SP002

Piel Cosmetics Complex for Hair and Eyelashes&Eyebrows: Recovery and growth
Комплекс предназначен для восстановления и улучшения состояния волос и ресниц.  Сыворотка для восстановления и роста ресниц и бровей Elixir-serum LASH предназначена для укрепления и активного роста ресниц и бров
UAH 2 499 UAH 2 940
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Art: 050

Moisturizing Body Spray Intensively moisturizing body spray with the ylang-ylang oil

Apart from moisturizing and toning, the product has the effect of microlifting – if applied regularly, it makes the skin more resilient and lifted.

UAH 399
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Art: 0421

Gel Thermage Regeneration stimulator
The gel instantly restores the skin at all levels and thanks to this it becomes a panacea in many problematic cases: from acne to skin dullness. For a quick recovery of a healthy state, a unique, indispensable tool for everyone - perfectly complements the care. Improves skin quality, restores healthy radiance, prevents skin damage from UV rays in summer and restores hypothermia in winter.
UAH 1 063 UAH 1 250
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Art: 023

Gialur Magnifique Eye Serum Activating Serum with collagen and silk for the eye contour

Creating the effect of a biological reinforcement, the serum maintains the tonus at the level of the young skin and eliminates the early appearance of wrinkles.

UAH 830
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Art: 049

Lash Elixir Serum elixir for the restoration and growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Serum is equally effective for both eyebrows and eyelashes, and during eyelash extension as well. Unlike many other products that provide intensive hair growth, it does not contain hormonal ingredients.

UAH 1 999
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Art: 0501

Spectrum Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen Body Spray
Want to protect your skin from the sun at all levels while avoiding the sticky feeling? The SPF spray moisturizes, soothes and provides additional protection against UV radiation and photoaging. Great after sunburn, shaving, depilation. In addition to the main function, it evens out the tone.
UAH 1 074
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Art: 053D

Anti-cellulite tonic Anti-cellulite tonic for the body with the pepper extract
The product not only reduces cellulite, but also prevents sagging, improving skin elasticity as the “orange peel” disappears.
UAH 479
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Art: 0531

Slim Anti-Cellulite Cream for body

Due to the high concentration of the innovative REGU®-SLIM anti-cellulite complex, the cream not only activates the process of fat splitting , but also forces it outside the fat cell and further out of the body.

UAH 875
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Art: SPM05

Comlex: Detox
Everyone is familiar with the term “stressed” or “tired” skin. Our pace of life affects the skin health. Especially this is the case of women who live in big cities. Polluted air, ultraviolet, free radicals and poor water quality negatively affect the skin. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet, steady stress, bad habits, environment – all of these factors negatively affe
UAH 1 782 UAH 1 980
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Art: YD001

Skin Care Set: Protection and Moisturizing for Combination Skin
The products of this set effectively moisturize the combination skin.   

UAH 1 847 UAH 2 173
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Art: 0502

Spectrum Cream SPF 50 Sunscreen cream for face
The cream not only protects the skin from the entire spectrum of UV radiation, but also provides complete skin care: nutrition, hydration and regeneration.
UAH 999
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Art: 019

PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER 3in1 Gel cleanser for normal and combination skin. Deep cleaning

The gel normalizes the production of sebum. Thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup and removes oily shine in the T-zone, not overdrying the rest of the face.

UAH 399
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Art: 018

Cleansing Gel 3 in 1 makeup removing cleansing gel for normal and combination skin

The gel thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup and removes oily shine in the T-zone, not overdrying the rest of the face.

UAH 468
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Art: 1018

Face and Eye Makeup Remover 3in1 for oily and combination skin. Deep cleaning
The gel thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup and removes oily shine in the T-zone, not overdrying the rest of the face.

UAH 1 299
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Art: 014

Extreme Cream Winter Day Cream for face and hands for all skin types
The cream provides complete basic skin care for the face and hands (protection, nutrition, regeneration), which makes it indispensable on trips and during active winter vacations.
UAH 389 UAH 556
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Art: 013

Extreme SPF 20 Protective Day Facial Cream
A unique combination of valuable natural oils, antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients accelerates skin regeneration, and SPF 20 filters protect against UV radiation.
UAH 452 UAH 645
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Art: 016

Hand Cream Cream for the extremely dry skin of hands
Thanks to a complex of valuable oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the cream intensively heals damage on the skin of hands and can correct even atopic dermatitis.
UAH 319
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Art: 017

Micellar Water Makeup removing and cleansing micellar water

Since the micellar water contains nanosilver, it not only removes makeup, but also possesses antibacterial properties, which are so important for the skin cleansing in conditions of a city.

UAH 318
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