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4D Elixir DNA of youth calming complex for very sensitive skin

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Skin type: Dry sensitive skin, Normal and combination skin, Oily skin, Problem,

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  • Description

    4D Elixir DNA of youth calming complex for very sensitive skin

  • Advantages
    Protection against the external factors and skin immunity reinforcement: external factors (UV impact, free radicals, toxins) negatively impact the skin. They cause the aging processes and weaken its immunity. The elixir contains active ingredients that protect the skin against the harmful impact of UV, free radicals and radiation. It protects the skin immunity against external and internal factors that cause aging. The active ingredients detoxify the skin. The elixir removes the dead cells and stimulates the new cells to develop.

  • Ingredients
    The main active ingredients:

    • Ramnose, a powerful multifunctional active ingredient in neurocosmetics isolated from the feline claw extract. Stimulates the production of the hormone of joy — endorphin, significantly reducing sensitivity and reactivity. Stimulates collagen synthesis, restoring the skin tonus and elasticity.
    • The biocomplex from Artemia Salina recharges cells with energy, protects against external stress, enhances the skin’s natural resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and slows down photoaging.
    • Plant ceramides protect the skin, restore its barrier function, moisturize.
  • How to use
    Apply a small amount of the serum to the clean skin in the morning and in the evening. Use cream on top.

    Important: to obtain a long-lasting effect, the serum should be used everyday for 2 months.
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