When creating cosmetic products, the most important step is to select active components and their suppliers.
As mentioned, the products are produces at the factory, which obtains GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) ISO 22716: 2007. The standards are obligatory for all enterprises, including the final stage of production. Thus they extend to the quality requirements of the active components, which are used in the production process. The document also clearly defines the possibility of use of the specific components in the production process. Compliance with these European standards is mandatory.

We strive to use the latest and innovative active components. That is why we constantly analyze the cosmetic market, track the new discoveries in the world of cosmetics, and select the most effective ingredients for the products of Piel Cosmetics. 

Besides, we also use traditional components, which have been proven in the course of decades. 

And to ensure the quality of raw materials, used in our products, and to meet the strictest requirements, a lot of our suppliers are the leading European manufacturers in their industry. These factories also work with other foreign companies, which are leaders in the world of cosmetics.

We do not use the following ingredients in the products of Piel Cosmetics:

  • dyes
  • preservatives parabens
  • formaldehyde
  • chlorhexidine
  • perfumes (in exceptional cases, children hypoallergenic perfumes are applied)
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