Virtual consultation

Virtual consultation

Modern manufacturing is constructed in such a way that the human factor is minimized.
All processes are planned in the way to protect them from errors. The role of a man is reduced to a mere observation at all stages of manufacturing – the staff controls a certain stage of production without interfering with the process.

Yet we are convinced that a man is a key link in any process. The final results depend on a man.

The standards relating to the staff, its education, qualifications, experience and even physical health are defined by the GMP Standards “Good Manufacturing Practice” ISO 22716: 2007. 

In compliance with the requirements, the entire staff has to have an extensive knowledge of the production process and its specifics; each of them must be a qualified professional in his or her area of responsibility. 

Every employee has a job description, which clearly defines his or her actions at any stage of manufacturing. The strictest and detailed instructions help to minimize human error probability. 

It is also very important to clearly allocate their responsibilities and control at all stages of the production process. It helps to avoid errors, and, if they occur, to instantly identify and correct them.

Every person involved in the production process is fully responsible for its proper performance and results. Therefore, the staff is personally interested in the ideal performance of their job descriptions.

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