Principle of product development is based on the optimized complex approach to the cosmetic beauty treatment.

We believe this approach allows to achieve the best possible results and to guarantee safety of the cosmetic products.

Below, you can read more about the development principles of the Piel Cosmetics, with the help of which it is possible to achieve high efficiency.

Stimulation is an action that activates internal natural resources for skin repair. Nourishment is the use of the components, which are construction materials and fuel, necessary for proper skin function.

– the products consist of the components that give the skin the needed external elements for its proper function.

Protection is one of the most important functions of the cosmetic products. Your skin has to be highly protected from the external negative factors to actively prevent its aging.

Permeability – the use of technologies, which help the active components to penetrate skin in an optimal way; they produce an effect on the skin surface, as well as provide cumulative effect.

Cosmetics of different forms (direct, reverse, lamellar, SWOP emulsions, serums, and gels) optimally suit all skin types for solving specific problems.

Safety – the use of safe and proven components, permitted by the EU law. We do not use permitted substances with doubtful reputation, even if their negative effects have not been scientifically proven.

Refusal of dyes, perfumes, and other components, which do not affect the effectiveness – it helps to minimize allergic reactions that they may provoke.

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