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Art: SPM05

Comlex: Detox
Everyone is familiar with the term “stressed” or “tired” skin. Our pace of life affects the skin health. Especially this is the case of women who live in big cities. Polluted air, ultraviolet, free radicals and poor water quality negatively affect the skin. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet, steady stress, bad habits, environment – all of these factors negatively affe
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Art: 019

PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER 3in1 Gel cleanser for normal and combination skin. Deep cleaning

The gel normalizes the production of sebum. Thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup and removes oily shine in the T-zone, not overdrying the rest of the face.

UAH 365
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Art: 0472s

Miniature Mask for Stressed & Sensitive Skin CALM
Prevents inflammation, evens the skin tone, moisturizes, removes irritation and discomfort.
UAH 79
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Art: 0472

Calm Mask Soothing mask
Provides a double effect: on the one hand regulates the production of sebum, and on the other reduces the increased sensitivity. That’s why this product is indispensable for combination, oily and at the same time sensitive skin.
UAH 990
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Art: 046s

Delicate peel-off mask for all skin types. Gently exfoliates, Detoxifies, improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels
UAH 77
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Art: 046

Detox Peeling Mask Cleansing cream mask with a peeling effect

The effect of cleansing and light peeling is noticeable already after the first application. The creamy base of the mask makes it suitable for all skin types, including the sensitive skin (without excessive reactivity).

UAH 975
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Art: 1113

Set No. 3 "Balancing treatment for oily and combination skin"
Set No. 3 "Balancing treatment for oily and combination skin" We do not always have the opportunity and time to visit a beautician. However, it is necessary to maintain the beauty and health of the skin regularly. For this we have specially developed personal sets.
UAH 399
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Art: 1120

Set No. 10 "Procedure for correcting the consequences of acne"
The procedure actively regenerates the skin. Normalizes the secretion of sebum. Intensively moisturizes, softens and reduces flaking. Restores structure and evens out skin tone. Returns radiance, brightens. Effective in getting rid of scars.
UAH 425
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Art: 1119

Deep cleansing treatment for all skin types. When working with problem skin, it improves its general condition, reduces oily sheen, prevents the appearance of acne, and narrows pores. Soothes and softens.
UAH 296
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Art: SA004

Basic complex of products for eliminating acne and inflammation for problem skin
The basic complex of products for eliminating acne and inflammation for problem skin is designed to cleanse, treat and restore oily, combination and rash-prone skin, as well as skin with demodicosis. The set provides deep cleansing of pores, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.
UAH 1 803 UAH 2 121
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