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Art: MN003

Complex: Toning and cleansing for men's skin. Basic complex.
Simple and effective male skin care. No odors, no time wasting, no discomfort. Nothing extra, just what really works! Men only believe what they have seen for themselves. They really like our complex "Toning and cleansing for male skin."
UAH 713 UAH 839
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Art: 054

Aftershave Spray for men
Unlike traditional aftershave lotions, the spray is instantly absorbed, leaving no film, stickiness, or burning on the face.
UAH 449
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Art: 6901s

Miniature Universal Day & Night Cream for Men Universe
Moisturizes and softens the skin, prevents irritation, protects from aggressive external factors. Day & Night. For all skin types.
UAH 68
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Art: 6901

Universe Cream Universal cream for the men’s skin

A universal daily care product for the men's skin, which provides the prevention of age-related changes. Significantly improves the overall condition of the skin.

UAH 945
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