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Art: pg_pel_11

Le Pelerin "Парфюмерний гардероб в 10-ти ароматах" для примерки
Самый удобный способ познакомиться с парфюмами - попробовать их на себе.
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Art: pg_pel_10

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum "Perfume wardrobe 10 fragrances"
Create your own special perfume wardrobe.
To make it easier for you to put together your special and unique wardrobe, every day will take you on a new unique journey, Le Perelin brand has prepared a great offer:

BOLIVIAN HIDE is an accessory that will accompany your every step with the aroma of patchouli and incense, and like the wind it will pleasantly envelop your shoulders with vanilla tenderness and light notes of violet.

EMINONU is a hot fragrance that breathes incense with a saffron trail and envelops your body in the sweetness of lilac. It combined intricate, complex, somewhat heavy aromas, forever woven into the sea salt of the Istanbul air.

MAÑANA is a bright and juicy fragrance of a cool tropical morning, the first sip of coconut milk and fresh fruit. The bittersweet smell of geranium, which, combined with musky notes, makes you forget about everything in the world.

LANGKAWI MOUSSON is the scent of forests and fresh fruits, round the clock rain and leather. The tart taste of peace is combined with rosemary and the aroma of the island.

PORTO ROSE is a mysterious, magical, passionate fragrance with a hint of citrus. An Atlantic breeze, with a tart touch of leather and incense, complemented by the sweet aroma of rose and viscous honey.

FLORITIDA is a fragrance of pleasant memories with a sweet aftertaste of Foam Deck, fine sandalwood and vanilla. Delicate embrace of orange blossoms and the charming taste of a delicate creamy dessert.

ADAMANT MIST is the fragrance of the carefree Adaman coast, which has forever absorbed vanilla weightlessness. Peony, in a duet with sweet almonds, evokes the same memories that you will not confuse with anything else. And only the astringency of cedar and the richness of graceful roses reminds you of where you are.

TUBEROSE ILLUSION is a fragrance that combines youth and passion. Sweet mandarin and subtle notes of bergamot.

NIGHT IN EXCELSIOR is the aroma of a holiday, light sparkling wine and fruits. A deep woody amber base and classic chypre fragrances that have forever become a symbol of elegance.

DIO MIO is an Italian flavor filled with sunshine and a pleasantly sweet scent of orange blossom. Combination of freshness of lemon, tenderness of orange flowers and tartness of musk.

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Art: pf_PR_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum PORTO ROSE 3 ml

A dynamic, spectacular fusion scent with a rose in the lead role. 

Shifting the accents several times, the composition, as if in a movie, shows the development of the character of a multifaceted pink scent - from the playful fruity-wine first episode, through the honey nectar of the heart of the composition, and up to the slightly earthy, leathery-woody notes of the final of the picture.

A multi-gender fragrance for open, artistic natures, free in spirit.

Walk, business activity without dress code restrictions, date, concert event, art event, party with free dress code.

When and where to wear

Spring Summer Autumn Winter.


Olfactory characteristic: floral-fruity, musky

Top notes: peach, ylang-ylang, mandarin

Heart notes: orange blossom, rose, honey

Base notes: incense, patchouli, leather, vanilla

Recommended aroma mixes:

Porto Rose + Bolivian Hide = Stylish multi-gender mix for day and night.

Porto Rose + Adamant Mist = A versatile mix with a deep purple fruity rose for an artistic evening.

Porto Rose + Langkawi Mousson = A strong and attractive combination for an active creative day.

A sip of porto from a golden glass in a tangerine garden at sunset before a date. The Atlantic breeze, with a touch of leather and incense, plays with passion with rose petals that transform an earthly woman into a night witch. They should meet on the waterfront, where the master selects barrels of vintage wine, which will then travel the world and their hearts. Her lips smell like honey, he will give them a little tangerine to remember these moments forever.

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Art: pf_NE_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum NIGHT IN EXCELSIOR 3 ml

At the same time ringing and velvety, smiling aroma is a holiday that captivates with a kaleidoscope of fruit notes, the main accent of which is the aroma of light sparkling wine. 

A deep woody-amber base with soft contrast supports the playful melody of the composition, delicately recalling the classic chypre * fragrances that have forever become a symbol of elegance.

If today you want to emphasize your romance, restraint, calmness and at the same time love of luxury, then this fragrance is for you today.

For sociable, romantic ladies who prefer refined and unflappable friendly fragrances.

Ideal if your plans include a walk, a date, a party, a social event with a “glamour-casual” or evening dress code, a classical music concert.

Season: Spring-summer, autumn-winter.

Time: Evening.

-Top notes: fruity notes, champagne

-Heart notes: peach blossom

-Base notes: white musk, amber, precious wood

Recommended aroma mixes:

Night in Excelsior + Bolivian Hide = An elegant combination of woody and fruity notes for her and him.

Night in Excelsior + Eminonu = A Byzantine-inspired fragrance for a sophisticated evening event.

Night in Excelsior + Adamant Mist = An enveloping mix perfect for a sophisticated party or date night

"Champagne! Champagne! Let's celebrate this day, every hour, minute, second. There is nothing more stupid than looking for some special occasion to wear a silk dress and red lips. Being a goddess is so natural, it is almost vital, without this is not possible. This is well known to the local women, from the local Olympus. I have seen how they joke, smile easily and spend their lives on divine deeds. Crazy lightness of being, madam. "

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Art: pf_BH_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum BOLIVIAN HIDE 3 ml

Amber, warm aroma, which seems to cool down by night after the heat of the day, gradually endows the traveler with rich smells of dry herbs, trees and resins. Calm and very comfortable fragrance with a soft dominant incense, which is freed from stereotypical religious connotations in this composition.

For balanced, inclined to leisurely conversations and thoughtful contemplation of men and women who want their scent to be a noble background for their deeds and dreams.

For business meeting with “business” dress code, reading, walking, traveling, art event, event with casual or evening dress code.

Season: Summer, autumn-winter.

Times of Day: Day-evening.

- Top notes: incense

- Heart notes: tonka bean, violet root

- Base notes: patchouli, incense, vanilla

Recommended aroma mixes:

Bolivian Hide + Night in Excelsior = An elegant blend of woody and fruity notes for her and for him.

Bolivian Hide + Porto Rose = Stylish multi-gender mix for day and evening.

Bolivian Hide + Langkawi Mousson = Dynamic woody-musky layering that complements business style well.

"There was no rain for a long time, although at this time it should fall several times a day. It gets cooler at night, women wrap themselves in woolen stoles, leaving a little incense behind. At night, when mysteries come to life, looks become bolder, and actions become real, life takes on a new special meaning with the scent of patchouli. She asks if I want to stay. It becomes so sweet, spicy and warm at the same time. It was worth being here in Bolivia for this moment."

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Art: pf_E_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum EMINONU 3 ml

This composition immediately mesmerizes with an exquisite combination of many spicy notes intertwining into whimsical arabesque, as if woven on an old carpet. The rich aroma of the evening twilight slowly tells its oriental tale, gradually changing the saffron-copper shades, reminiscent of smoldering coals, to lilac-blue tones of woody notes, becoming more and more intimate and mysterious.

For women and men with a strong character, who prefer elegant luxury in everything, know how to see and find it for themselves in almost any circumstances. 

For a walk, a date, an art event, a social event with evening dress code, as well as “street” and “glamor-casual” dress code.

Season: summer, autumn-winter.

Time: evening.

- Top notes: nutmeg, cardamom, cumin, pepper

- Heart notes: saffron, ginger, incense, lilac

- Base notes: oud, patchouli, precious wood, musk, guaiac wood, labdanum

Recommended aroma mixes:

Eminonu + Adamant Mist = A seductive, sensual fragrance for two.

Eminonu + Dio Mio = Extravagant, voluminous aromatic duo for a special occasion.

Eminonu + Night Excelsior = Byzantine-style jewelery fragrance for a sophisticated evening event.

"Thousands of times I saw the sunset: on the terraces of luxurious estates, in a boat in the middle of a lake, from the deck of a white ship, through the stained glass windows of beautiful temples. But this one, ginger-saffron, with a taste of caraway, is found only in Eminonu, where seagulls were chosen by fishermen, and women - sellers of spices. It is here that the most piquant mixtures of peppers are found that so diversify the taste for life."

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Art: pf_DM_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum DIO MIO 3 ml

A cheerful scent filled with sunlight, which is embodied in the composition with a pleasantly sweet scent of orange blossom. A classic type of refreshing water that brings back memories of the great colognes of the past centuries, this fragrance reveals surprisingly modern facets. A textured, dense enough, and at the same time filled with air aroma, a somewhat adventurous character of which is compensated by the smile of citruses and a soft, long-dying suede base.

For the bold, optimistic, adventurous, light-hearted men and women who want a perfumery scent to support them in life's turns.

For a walk, a business meeting with a lax street-casual dress code, a meeting with friends, a day date, a trip.

Season: spring-summer, winter.

Time: morning-day

- Top notes: lemon, bergamot

- Heart notes: orange blossom, tea

- Base notes: leather, iris, musk

Recommended aroma mixes:

Dio Mio + Floritida = Positive, full-bodied scent for bright events and appropriate mood.

Dio Mio + Man`ana = A vigorous, expressive mix for an active day.

Dio Mio + Eminonu = Extravagant, voluminous aromatic duo for a special occasion.

" I got lost in the streets, a beautiful lady who smelled like a blooming orange tree said that I could stay, someone should go to church with her on Sunday. And in the church it smells of musk and leather, I will love it. Holy Madonna! No, it is not necessary to marry, because she is already married for the third time and all three times are happy. And she also has a new dress from the best tailor here, and she should dress it next time, all the friends are waiting. And I go very well with the dress. I was already around the corner, and she was still loudly convincing the whole area why I should stay. I drank a glass of red, plucked a lemon as a souvenir, got into a taxi and thought that Naples is the best place for an unforgettable weekend."

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Art: pf_LM_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum LANGKAWI MOUSSON 3 ml

A luminous tropical scent that instantly transports into a lush exotic bush filled with the humid haze of the monsoon rains. The luscious fruity-green accord at the beginning of the composition quickly fills with spicy highlights of spices, which add even more strength to the scent to last for a long time with a bright woody-musky trail.

For resolute, athletic men and women who will find in this fragrance a similar temperament, and at the same time a pacifying contrast and harmony.

Fitness, walk, business meeting with free dress code “sport-casual”, club, date, travel, event with dress code “smart”.

- Top notes: papaya, lime, tangerine, tangerine, grapefruit, pear, ginger, pepper

- Heart notes: ozone, water, rosemary, melon

- Base notes: incense, cedar, leather, musk

Season: spring-summer

Time: morning-day-evening.

Recommended aroma mixes:

Langkawi Mousson + Porto Rose = A bold and attractive combination for an active creative day.

Langkawi Mousson + Bolivian Hide = Dynamic woody-musky layering that complements business style well.

Langkawi Mousson + Man`ana = A fragrant mix saturated with the energy of freshness, will brighten up a business day or travel.

"In Langkawi, the colors of Indian turquoise, with the essence and DNA of rain, showers wash away all fake. The emerald blue horizon, where the water touches the sky, on which the lightning overture plays furiously. The frantic noise of a monkey flock, eagles circles, reeling, nature shudders before a thunderstorm. The downpour begins, it nourishes not only trees and flowers, but also the soul. Everything that exists is saturated with ozone, the freshness of ripe citrus and cedar. Thoughts and dreams are renewed here. This is my place of power, my wild element, where I am always mine."

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Art: pf_F_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum FLORITIDA 3 ml

An aroma that warmly reveals an embrace and doesn`t hold back its impulses. Its varied bright floral and fruity notes excite the imagination and merge together, enchanting with the gradually increasing delicious creaminess of the fragrant dessert.

For spontaneous, free natures who love life in its various forms.

For club, jazz or ethnic music concert, date, daring street or all-out-casual dress code. 

Season: Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Time: Evening

- Top notes: pineapple, coconut, black currant, tangerine, mint

- Heart notes: jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, lily

- Base notes: vanilla, milk, cream, sandalwood, musk

Recommended aroma mixes:

Floritida + Dio Mio = Positive, full-bodied scent for bright events and appropriate mood.

Floritida + Tuberose Illusion = A luxurious floral mix for a seductive evening look.

Floritida + Man`ana = A very positive and cheerful aroma mix for a day filled with colors.

"A mulatto woman in jasmine-colored silks orders a Piña Colada and looks past me for a long, long time, to where young musicians improvise on a theme from Gershwin. Her lips touch the cold glass, a mint twig with the coconut-pineapple flavor that the young man wants to feel touches her creamy skin. They are in love and mysteriously happy. I can see it because only lovers have this special scent of fine sandalwood and vanilla, which inspires a multitude of other hues to feel."

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Art: pf_AM_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum ADAMANT MIST 3 ml

The almost gourmand composition of this fragrance welcomes you with a delicate sweet accord reminiscent of cherry confiture. As it unfolds, the fragrance is enriched with charming floral shades, and becoming more powdery, it quietly informs that it is, in fact, a modern embodiment of the beautiful Art Nouveau style with its inherent dreaminess and whimsical lines.

For hedonists, emotional and balanced, who want to find pleasure in perfumery fragrances, comparable to a gentle and warm embrace.

Perfect for walk, date, art event, street or glamor casual dress code.

Season: spring - summer - autumn - winter.

Time: day-evening.

Top notes: almonds, cloves

- Heart notes: freesia, rose, violet, peony, heliotrope

- Base notes: vanilla, cedar, musk

Recommended aroma mixes:

Adamant Mist + Porto Rose = A versatile mix with a deep purple fruity rose for an artistic evening.

Adamant Mist + Eminonu = A seductive, sensual fragrance for two.

Adamant Mist + Tuberose Illusion = A sensual perfume bouquet for a personal meeting.

Adamant Mist + Night in Excelsior = An enveloping mix suitable for a sophisticated party or date.

"They stop at an old bookstore, sit down for a minute under a hundred-year-old almond tree over a glass of rose, buy roses from a boy, put a bike in the basket, and then race along the Adaman coast, where the wind mixes with the scent of freesias. They breathe in life, dissolve in dreams, fill the world, leaving a peony-cedar haze. I have seen such women in Penang: free and beautiful. You can be the same."

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Art: pf_TI_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum TUBEROSE ILLUSION 3 ml

Fresh on the first breath and quickly intoxicating white-flowered bouquet, in the center of which there is an intoxicating tuberose. Gradually thickening and finally getting rid of the initial greenish tones of disclosure, the composition continues with a provocative musky trail with a creamy undertone, which reminds of the seductive scent of a loved one.

For spectacular, stylish women and confident, courageous men who love to be in sight, enjoy life and sometimes easily manage to combine seemingly incompatible elements in their image.

Perfect for club party, date, social event with an extravagant dress code, fashion event.

Season: spring-summer-autumn-winter.

Time: evening.

- Top notes: bergamot, mandarin

- Heart notes: orange blossom, tuberose

- Base notes: musk

Recommended aroma mixes:

Tuberose Illusion + Floritida = A luxurious floral mix for a seductive evening look.

Tuberose Illusion + Man`ana = An exotic and temperamental combination that attractsopposites. For an extraordinary daytime or evening event, club party.

Tuberose Illusion + Adamant Mist = A sensual perfume bouquet for a personal meeting.

" Neon dreams, love, an acquired illusion of being - that's not why I came here. He came to have a fun and easy time, and instead met her - a prostitute from Soho, in a pink skirt, a transparent top and sandals. She has musky skin, green eyes and a French accent paired with downright bad English. She is only twenty, she never falls in love with someone, but many people fell in love with herself. Even me, especially me. And ten years later I remember her taste - mandarin and tuberose."

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Art: pf_M_3

Le Pelerin Parfum Eau de parfum MANANA 3 ml

Filled with the energy of nature, as if a charged aroma endows with dense, juicy accords of greens, fruits and spices, confidently setting up a positive wave. The composition reveals well-known “fern” intonations, which sounded in a new way thanks to modern woody-musky ingredients. Such a move gives a combination of the joy of recognition and the discovery of something completely new.

For energetic, optimistic people who always prefer to find balance in everything and know how important it is sometimes to pause on time.

Perfect for a walk, a business meeting with a loose dress code, a meeting with friends, an afternoon date, a trip, a street-casual event.

Season: spring-summer-autumn-winter.

Time: morning-day.

Top notes: lime, neroli, coconut, cardamom

- Heart notes: geranium, plum

Base notes: tonka bean, timbersilk, cashmeran, musk

Recommended aroma mixes:

Man`ana + Floritida = A very positive and cheerful aroma mix for a day filled with colors.

Man`ana + Tuberose Illusion = An exotic and temperamental combination that attracts opposites. For an extraordinary daytime or evening event, club party.

Man`ana + Dio Mio = A cheerful, expressive mix for an active day.

Man`ana + Langkawi Mousson = An aromatic mix saturated with the energy of freshness, perfectly complementing a business day or travel.

It's so hot that you want to go down the path to the bay, where the color of the water resembles ripe lime. There, dive into the cool delight of the sea, with every cell to feel its boundlessness and tenderness. The sea also melted that afternoon. Coral sand, like a soft sheet, envelops your body, hiding from the stormy world. Decisions await you there, business awaits you there. But here, with a glass of Aperol, you can rejoice until dawn, because everything else is not so important, everything else will be manian. 

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