Basic care

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Art: SPM15

Skin care with rosacea and redness

Age: for all ages

The basic complex of skin care products with rosacea is produced to cleanse, moisturize, restore and soothe the skin with rosacea and redness. The kit provides gentle cleansing, prevents the appearance and reduces the severity of persistent redness, rosacea and irritation. Improves color and evens out skin tone. Has a mild anti-edematous effect. Eliminates the feeling of discomfort and prevents inflammation. The cream has SPF, thanks to natural UV filters protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Eliminates irritation and prevents new ones. Restores the protective properties of the skin, gives it a feeling of comfort.
UAH 2 509 UAH 3 404
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Art: SA005

Basic care for problem skin. Eliminate acne and inflammation

Age: for all ages

Skin type: Problem

The basic complex of products for eliminating acne and inflammation in the presence of problem skin. Intended for cleansing, treatment and restoration of oily, combination and rash-prone skin, as well as skin with demodicosis. The kit provides deep cleaning, normalizes the sebaceous glands and promotes healing.
UAH 1 872 UAH 2 571
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Art: YD011

Extra regeneration care

Age: for all ages

The extra-regeneration complex is produced to restore skin that has lost its former radiance. It will help bring back a shiny and healthy complexion. Produced to intensely moisturize and restore even ultra dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Provides intensive and long-term skin hydration, restores firmness and elasticity, strengthens natural defenses, prolongs youth. Accelerates the renewal of skin cells, activates the regeneration processes. Intensively moisturizes, improves structure and relief. Improves tone and firmness. Smoothes out superficial wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.
UAH 2 544 UAH 3 503
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Art: YD012

Intensive moisturizing care for all skin types

Age: for all ages

Intensive moisturizing complex for all skin types is designed for deep hydration of dehydrated skin of any type. Thanks to a number of effective moisturizing components, the skin will remain soft and tender, elastic and resilient, will have an even tone, and will not cause discomfort.
UAH 2 474 UAH 3 249
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Art: AG008

Anti-age care. Restoration and lifting

Age: for all ages

Anti-age 50+ complex produced for delicate cleansing, aimed at combating facial wrinkles, and is used to prolong the effect after injection of drugs containing botulinum toxin, has intense moisturizing properties and lifting effect. Stimulates skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Provides external support by strengthening the skin, resists the gravitational factor, provides long-term relaxation of facial muscles.
UAH 4 447 UAH 5 506
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